Monday, August 3, 2015

Interest Only Loan

We now offer an Interest Only loan, a low and flexible payment option. Unlike a traditional mortgage where a borrower’s monthly payment goes towards the principal and interest, the monthly payment on this loan goes all towards interest for a fixed term, which is why it’s significantly lower. While this may sound like an attractive choice, not every borrower is a good candidate for this loan.  Here are a few things you should know if you’re considering an interest only loan.
  • They are usually geared towards borrowers who can afford a 30-year fixed mortgage payment, but would rather have the lower interest only payment to invest the difference elsewhere.
  • During the interest only period, the whole amount of the monthly payment qualifies as tax deductible.
  • Is more ideal for home buyers who do not intend to remain in the home for very long.
  • Good choice for a fixer upper or an investment property.
  • Works well for a borrower who doesn’t make a steady salary, instead relies on commission  or bonuses.
  • Deferred principal for the interest only loan we offer is only 10 years.

 Guidelines and online application for the Interest Only Loan.

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